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Snow White Halloween Costumes for Adults & Kids

Posted on | September 24, 2011 | No Comments

One of the classic outfits for October 31st is the Snow White costume. It’s a popular Disney character enjoying a surge in new popularity due to an upcoming Kristen Stewart movie. Check out some of the great Snow White Halloween costumes for adults and kids, for this year and beyond!

Classic Snow White Adult CostumeRight now the Classic Snow White Adult Costume is the way to go for women looking for a sexy Halloween costume. It features a short skirt and sexy blue and red top along with a red bow. Females can really dress it up by wearing black high heels and white thight high stockings along with red gloves. The costume is on clearance as of this report at just $39.99 at BuyCostumes.com!

The Classic Snow White costume currently ranks at #10 on the list, but could move up as we get closer to this Halloween!

01) Deluxe Red Riding Hood
02) Dark Heart Queen
03) Miss Wonderland Adult Costume
04) Ravishing Red Riding Hood
05) Enchanting Queen of Hearts
06) Big Bad Sexy Wolf
07) Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts
08) Mesmerizing Mermaid
09) Robyn Da Hood
10) Classic Snow White

There are also Snow White and the Seven Dwarves inspired outfits available for women in regular and plus sizes. Add the right heels and a fake (or real) red apple to complete this look. Of course women with blonde or red hair may want to go for the black wig too!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White Classic Child Costume

What about Snow White Halloween costumes for kids? There’s some adorable outfits available for young girls too. One of these is the classic toddler Snow White Ballerina costume at $29.99. Another selection is the Children’s costume for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at $24.99.  This could be a great way to introduce young girls to the Snow White story, or even a way for girls who idolize Kristen Stewart to dress up as her new character from the upcoming film!

Women and girls who want to dress up like a glamorous princess from the Disney tale will be in luck this Halloween, as this is a great costume with many different looks!

We highly recommend the huge costume selection at BuyCostumes.com where they have thousands of different costumes for adults, kids, women and men, even pets!


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