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Smurf Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults – ‘The Smurfs’ Ideas

Posted on | August 28, 2011 | No Comments

La, la, la, la, la la…It’s the smurfs!  The Smurfs are the small blue creatures with all sorts of different personalities, always on the run from Gargamel and his cat!  With the popularity of a classic cartoon series and now a brand new movie, people are looking for Smurf Halloween costumes for both kids and adults this October 31st!What do The Smurfs Look Like?

The Smurfs - Deluxe Smurf Adult Costume

The Smurfs – Deluxe Smurf Adult Costume

If you’ve seen the cartoon series or recent movie “The Smurfs,” you already have a good idea about these characters.  Some may want to know exactly what the smurfs look like to help re-create the Halloween costume as precisely as possible!

For their skin, the most important aspect is that it’s completely blue. Every visible part of the Smurf’s body is blue including hands, eyelids, face and other areas. There are body and face paints available that will be easily removable for this purpose.

Smurfs also wear hats.  For the most part, the smurfs all wear a white Smurf hat, which distinctly flops over on the front.

For Smurf pants, these are completely white, matching the hats.  Find a good pair of 100% white pants at a thrift store or on sale at a discount clothing store for this.

Now let’s check out some of the specific Smurf characters costume ideas for Halloween!

Smurfette Halloween Costume

The Smurfs - Smurfette Adult Costume

The Smurfs – Smurfette Adult Costume

Smurfette was once the only female Smurf that existed.  It makes for a very unique costume idea for girls and women on Halloween.  Smurfette’s costume has the all blue skin, but instead of white pants, smurfette wears a white dress.  She also has that trademark flowing blond hair which is underneath a smurf hat.  There are specially made Smurfette Halloween costumes on the market as well, such as the one pictured above.

Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

The Smurfs - Papa Smurf Adult Costume

The Smurfs – Papa Smurf Adult Costume

For males, the leader of the Smurfs is Papa Smurf.  He is different in his look from the other smurfs because of his bushy white beard.  Also, Papa Smurf wears a red hat and red pants, rather than white, to set him apart as the elder leader.  There are Papa Smurf Halloween costumes also sold on the market at various websites and shops.

Other Smurf Halloween Costume Ideas

The Smurfs-Gargamel Infant/Toddler Costume

The Smurfs-Gargamel Infant/Toddler Costume

There’s plenty of other great Smurf ideas which will require various accessories.  Examples are Handy Smurf with his set of tools on a tool belt, Chef Smurf with his rolling pin and special chef’s hat, or Vanity Smurf who carries around a hand mirror and has a flower in his hat.

There’s also the popular Smurf villains.  Gargamel and his cat Azrael are very unique looks.  These costumes are sold on websites and in Halloween shops as well for those who don’t want to creat their own.

Besides the outfit items described above, a perfect Smurf Halloween costume also includes a blue tail.  This can be created from a ball of fabric rather easily.  For those who aren’t as creative, or in a rush for their Halloween costume, the best option is to by a ready-made Smurf costume.

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