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Princess Fiona Costume for kids or adults

Posted on | September 18, 2010 | No Comments

Fiona Costume - Adult PrincessThe Princess Fiona costume is very popular this Halloween, thanks in part to the successful movies of the “Shrek” series which did amazingly well in theaters and on DVD/Blu-Ray.  The final chapter in the series of films came in May of 2010, with many wanting to look like Shrek, the donkey or other classic characters including Princess Fiona.  That leads to many Princess Fiona Halloween costumes for kids or adults for this year’s holiday including the traditional princess pictured, or the sexy Fiona Warrior Costume – Adult style which is sure to be an eye-catching hit for women!

Princess Fiona is of course the well known princess in the “Shrek” movies, but her beauty is more than meets the eye.  Most of us know the background on Fiona from movies with how Shrek had to rescue her and gave her that special kiss.  We see a new story in the 2010 3-D movie “Shrek the Final Chapter”.  In the movie, the evil Rumplestiltskin has altered time as the new King of Far Far Away land and made it so the heroic Shrek was never born.  Therefore, Fiona doesn’t know Shrek and doesn’t want much to do with the green ogre.  The hero must find a way to give her that special kiss so he can change things for the best.   In these animated films, Fiona appears as both a greenish ogre, a warrior and a beautiful princess, providing plenty of different costume ideas!

Fiona has a variety of looks making it a great choice for adults or kids. Girls will look great in this Princess Fiona Costume at school while adult women will look elegant out and about at social events for Halloween. There’s also the decision of traditional Princess with Gown Fiona costume versus the Princess Fiona warrior costume (pictured).  Females can go with a traditional princess look, or opt for green makeup and skin coloring to make themselves look more like the ogre princess too.  There’s plenty of imagination to be used for these costumes, giving you potential for a unique look!

Fiona Costume - Warrior Child

Princess Fiona is likely to be a very popular Halloween costume this year and beyond as the movies are endearing, amusing, and well-received. The great thing is the movies provide plenty of other costume ideas for groups and couples. If you’re going on a date or to a couples party consider having your male friend or significant other dress as Shrek, Rumpelstiltskin or another movie character. Keep in mind too, if you go with the green ogre look you can use the pickup line about needing that special kiss to become a princess!

What’s great about Shrek’s Princess Fiona is her looks can be worn by all shapes and sizes, from toddlers to plus size. Shop more Princess more Fiona costume ideas here!


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