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Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre Masks and Costumes

Posted on | July 15, 2010 | No Comments

Leatherface Adult CostumeWhen it comes to horror films one of the most deranged and terrifying villains is Leatherface, the star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The Leatherface Mask and Halloween costume are perfect for any men or women, adults or children looking to create some serious scares.  If you’re handing out Halloween candy to trick or treaters, it’s sure to put horrified looks on their faces as you open the door! A fake Chainsaw 27″ size is optional but really gives you that perfect horror villain movie character look!

Leatherface is the crazy chainsaw-wielding bad guy in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.  He is part of a crazy cannibalistic family out in Texas who prey upon young unsuspecting victims that come their way.  Leatherface’s mask in the movies is made from his victims skin, making for a truly grotesque look.  He’s also considered one of the first official “slasher villains” alongside Michael Myers of “Halloween” and Norman Bates from “Psycho.”  These movies were remade during the past several years, and are also among the classic all-time horror films.  It’s made Leatherface into one of the most popular horror icons along with Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers!

We love Costume Kingdom’s selection of Leatherface Halloween masks, accessories and costumes.  There’s not only the mask and costume but also a 27″ Chainsaw to add to the frightening get-up!  Fake blood and screams are optional.  They feature adult and child versions, and even a “Miss Leatherface Adult Costume” for the females.  Look scary yet sexy all at once!

For adult males the Leatherface Adult Costume fits up to sizes 38 through 42.  It includes printed apron with shirt and tie, as well as the replica EVA mask with hair.  This freakishly fun costume is also officially licensed from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Adult women will love the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Miss Leatherface Adult Costume which features a special apron style dress and sexy half cut shirt.  Add boots, chainsaw (fake) and attitude.  On October 31st, you can stand by your man to make a freaky Mr. and Mrs. Leatherface couple for your Halloween outing!

Youngsters can also get a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Child Costume and scare the neighbors, school faculty and friends with their frightening outfit!  Trick or Treating never looked so terrifying before!

The Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre masks and costumes are just like the ones in the movies, bringing this horror legend’s look to life! Need more costumes, masks, makeup or accessories. Check out the Costume Kingdom Sale and find some truly scary savings!


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