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Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

Posted on | August 30, 2011 | No Comments

Girls can have the most popular costume for Halloween 2011 with several choices of costume choices in the hottest, new fads today. Standout in the crowd, be the highlight of the party in a ‘Lady Gaga’ costume.  The “Fame Monster” as she’s well known has made all sorts of different outfits famous during her time as a pop artist.  Let’s check out some Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas for 2011!

Lady Gaga VMA White Performance Outfit Adult CostumeOne of the most popular pop singers is ‘Lady Gaga,’ known for her singing and music, but the wild, explosive and colorful costumes she wears has also made her a magnificent pop star. Young girls will love to mimic these outrageous outfits themselves and that is why the ‘Lady Gaga’ costumes for Halloween 2011 are so popular. These costumes are sure to please those girls looking for unique Halloween Costumes.  These costumes range from the contemporary styles to the more future-a-rama costumes, and of course there is the basic Halloween costume theme of scary. It’s possible to find an original or creative costume idea for October’s big holiday with a ‘Lady Gaga’ costume for Halloween 2011.

The most popular costumes are designed from the ‘Lady Gaga’ outfits that have been the most popular, reflecting a stage of brilliant, sparkles, and bright colors. Using her innovative designs for Halloween costumes is an awesome idea for a Halloween costume because so many of the costumes are so bizarre, and so unique. Most the costumes are visual eye catching costumes that will turn heads as ‘Lady Gaga’ walks onto the stage. Now girls can have this same effect when entering the room for a Halloween party.

Greaser Wig (Black)

One of the hottest Lady Gaga Halloween costumes for 2011 will undoubtedly be her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone.  Gaga donned the Jo Calderone costume at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.  Many individuals are buying the necessary pieces to make the rather simplistic costume.  One of the essential parts of the outfit is the special Greaser Wig (Black) that Gaga wore along with the white T, fake cigarette and loose black suit clothing items.

There are plenty of Lady Gaga costumes available at BuyCostumes.com.  The best thing is that they also offer the accessories to complete the costumes such as shoes to match; makeup kits, eyeglasses, scarves, and facial decorations, spray on sparkles and numerous wigs in all colors, lengths and styles. These costumes are designed so that girls will love them and feel like the ‘star they are’ when wearing them.  The other great thing is that adult women and adult males can go wild and dress up as Lady Gaga too!

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