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Kids Halloween costume ideas 2010

Posted on | March 17, 2010 | No Comments

kids halloween costume ideas 2010

With Halloween 2010 approaching quickly as always, many parents, grandparents and relatives are scrambling to find a cute and clever kids Halloween costume ideas. While most of the Kids Costumes that you can buy are usually cute, you want one that really makes your kid stand out amongst the crowd of trick or treaters or at school. So let’s bounce around some of the ideas for childrens Halloween costumes that you can use this Halloween!

Halloween costume ideas for girls are plentiful. For girls the princess is an always popular Halloween costume and makes for a beautiful costume idea. Every little girl wants to be the princess, and there’s plenty of different costumes for them to choose from. You might go with a Cinderella costume or Snow White Disney princess costume, or maybe the extremely popular new Alice in Wonderland characters such as Alice or the Queen of Hearts. You could also choose any of a number of Fairy tale princess costumes such as a green pixie or butterfly princess theme, based on what your child likes best.

Also popular for girls are Barbie costumes, female superheroes, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana, and various animal or insect costumes such as the Honey Bee or Unicorn. Additionally, consider witch costume or Pocahantas, Little Mermaid or other Disney characters costumes for your children’s Halloween outfit this year.

What about your son, grandson, or nephew? There’s plenty of clever and creative Halloween costume ideas for boys to choose from. Star Wars characters are always popular as are superhero characters such as Superman, Wolverine, X-Men, Batman and Iron Man. Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody continue to be popular this year. For a different character go with the new 2010 Green Army man costume from Toy Story 3. Also topping many kids’ costume wishlists are the Mad Hatter, Tweedledee or Tweedledum, and an assortment of other characters from Alice in Wonderland.

For both boys and girls 2010 Halloween costume ideas, professions are always a great makeshift costume to put together. You can use fabrics and items from around the house, shop at thrift stores or get unwanted clothes from friends and family. Among the most popular professions are the NASA Jr. Astronaut costumes, police officers, firemen, race car drivers, nurses, military officers and doctors.

No matter which of these Kids Halloween costume ideas for 2010 you choose make sure to have a fun and safe Halloween!

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