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Jason Voorhees Halloween costume and mask

Posted on | August 13, 2010 | No Comments

Jason Friday 13th Halloween Costume - DeluxeWant to scare the living daylights out of people on Halloween?  Dressing up as one of the all-time classic horror movie slasher villains is sure to scare up a fun time.  Jason is the legendary movie villain who terrorizes all that cross his path.  With the Jason Voorhees Halloween costume or mask you can have a terrifying time out on the town, or hosting your own Halloween party!

Jason Voorhees is the sinister slasher from the frightening “Friday the 13th” movies.  Jason is known for wearing his hockey mask to cover his face, and doesn’t speak at all.  He is a menace to anyone who chooses to visit the campgrounds at Crystal Lake, where he saw his mother’s beheading.  Jason has become one of the all-time horror movie icons and experienced a great comeback thanks to the newer “Freddy vs Jason” film and the remake of “Friday the 13th” in 2009.

Now you can terrorize trick-or-treaters with your very own Jason Voorhees Halloween costume or mask.  The Jason Friday 13th Halloween Costume – Deluxe style features distressed blue jacket complete with a ripped up and tattered-cuff look!  This outfit also includes his infamous hockey mask.  For further effect get yourself a fake machete to wield as you greet trick-or-treaters or hit the Halloween party scene!

Or you might prefer to go with the new look Jason wears in the new movie remake from 2009.  For that, go with this Friday the 13th Halloween Mask – Deluxe Jason design.  Its an amazingly crafted latex mask which features removable PVC hockey mask and a gruesome, mangled face just like the movie character from the 2009 film!  Pair it with tattered clothes, fake blood and fake machete for a truly terrifying Halloween outfit!

Along with Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Norman Bates, Jason is considered one of the all-time classic movie villains.  This horror movie character is quite popular and easily-recognized, so you’re sure to be known wherever you might go wearing the Jason Halloween costume or mask!


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