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Glee Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

Posted on | August 29, 2011 | No Comments

In 2011, the TV show “Glee” continues to be a huge hit.  The drama and comedy/musical show has a good variety of characters who are perfect for both kids and adults to dress up as for the October holiday.  Let’s look at some of the Glee Halloween costume ideas for 2011!

Glee Cheerleader Costumes

Glee - Cheerios Adult Costume

The Glee cheerleader costumes are very recognizable based on the characters from the show.  The cheer outfit is a basic red and white uniform.  There are also specially made Glee cheerleading costumes with “WMHS” stitched onto them.  Those with sewing skills can monogram the cheer costume themselves too.  All that’s needed to complete the costume is a pair of white sneakers and some cheer pom poms.

There are several Glee cheerleaders to choose from.  A blond wig will help in dressing up as Brittany S. Pierce, the airhead of the show.  A darker wig can be used for Santana Lopez.  Some may prefer to stuff their costume with a fake baby bump to go as head cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

Sue Sylvester Costume

Glee - Sue Track Suit (Red) Adult Costume

The character Sue Sylvester on “Glee” is a fan favorite.  Not only is it fun to dress up in the costume, but also to mock her character when you’re out and about for Halloween.  To dress up as Sue, you just need a classic red tracksuit.

There are officially-licensed versions of the Sue Sylvester costume on the market, which have the Glee logo and a special blond wig.  However, this costume is relatively easy to make on your own as well.

Glee Football Player Costumes

Glee - Puck Adult Costume

For couples, a “Glee” theme works perfect with a female as one of the cheerleaders and the male as a football jock.  For the football players from “Glee,” you’ll need a red jacket which has the “M” logo on it.  Get a mohawk wig to wear so you can look like Noah “Puck” Puckerman.  There are also licensed Glee football costumes available as well.

More Glee Costume Ideas

There’s several other Glee characters you can dress up as for Halloween 2011.  Instead of dressing up as a football player, cheerleader or Sue Sylvester, what about Will Schuester, the director of the Glee club?  Grab a curly blonde wig, shirt, tie and vest to make your own Will Schuester replica costume.

Females may also want to go as Rachel from the show.  To pull off this look, get a brown wig (if you don’t have the right hair for it), and a “geek chic” outfit.  A good idea might be a skirt, plaid jumper and knee-high socks.  Carry around a microphone as an accessory to fully complete the Rachel look!

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