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Betty Boop Halloween Costume

Posted on | September 22, 2010 | No Comments

Women's Betty Boop CostumeWhen it comes to sexy, iconic and recognizable characters it’s hard to top Betty Boop.  Betty’s an all-time pop culture classic who many are a fan of.  The Women’s Betty Boop Halloween costume is a popular one for this holiday as well as other occasions.  Some females may be fans of the character and want it for their collection of memorabilia items!

Betty Boop is the creation of Max Fleischer and other animators who became a huge hit during the mid 1930’s.  Her cartoon character endured over time due to her overt sex appeal.  She appeared in the hit film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” and continues to be one of the most popular collectible characters along with Mickey Mouse and other Disney icons!

Now you can bring Betty Boop, Queen of the Animated Silver Screen, to life when you dress as the chic Hollywood starlet!  The Betty Boop Halloween costumes are available in different styles with a short dress and long dress version.  This particular Women’s Betty Boop Costume (pictured) features short curly black wig and shimmery red mini-dress.

There’s also some great accessories to go along with the various Betty Boop costumes including Betty Boop Dog Pocketbook.  You may choose to just order a black Betty Boop wig to make your own costume from scratch.  It’s sure to make you noticeable as the classic animated character on Halloween!

The Betty Boop Halloween costume is a great one for females to show off their sexy side on October 31st or other times, while celebrating this pop culture celebrity!


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