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Adult Superhero Costumes for Men and Women

Posted on | September 7, 2010 | No Comments

Women's Supergirl Costume - Superman

Adult Superhero costumes for both men and women dominate Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up as one this year.  With the various movies that have already been in theaters and the newer ones many are looking forward to, that gives plenty of Super costume ideas.  There’s Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and the sexy Supergirl (pictured), just to name a few.  Newer superhero movies like “Watchmen” and “Kick Ass” have opened up even more Halloween costume idea possibilities.  It’s time to unleash that secret identity you’ve been holding back, change into your superhero costume and prepare to save Halloween this year!

What’s a good superhero costume for women?  A classic choice for the fairer sex is the Wonder Woman Costume for Women. You will be sure to satisfy more than a few male fantasies with this costume.  Also consider Supergirl. What could be more fun than donning that flowing cape and those thigh high boots?  There’s also Sue Richards aka “The Invisible Woman” who Jessica Alba played in the Fantastic Four movies or the skintight-bodysuit wearing Silk Spectre II from “Watchmen”.  And don’t forget the many X-Men female hero characters including Storm, Jean Grey and Rogue (Anna Paquin). With many of these sexy female superhero costumes, don’t hesitate to show some skin ladies and let that inner vixen come through!

Adult Iron Man Costume - Super Deluxe Let’s not forget about the guys, who always want to save the day for all females in their vicinity.  There’s many great choices out there for the men looking to woo the ladies with an awesome Superhero costume. For inspiration, just look to the popular movies! Do you want to go the dark and mysterious route? Consider dressing as Batman, the Dark Knight. Looking for a costume that is bound to be unique? Check out the Iron Man options that are available, and channel your inner Robert Downey Jr. (the ladies adore him). You also have the classic Superhero aliases to choose from, such as the Mens Spiderman Costume – Ultimate Collection. Shoot webs from your fingers and be prepared to wear that tight red and blue bodysuit. Last, but certainly not least, consider Superman! He is the ultimate Superhero we all know and love, and with all the power in the universe, how can you go wrong?

Once you have your adult superhero costume picked out, get started on finding some great parties to hit up on Halloween weekend. You don’t want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go! And don’t forget to have fun this season, dress to impress, and blow them away with your sexy superhuman powers!

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